Workshop Funding Overview

Workshop Funding Criteria

Goal of workshop funding: To organize the facilitation of a large number of workshops reaching the largest number of Family Child Care providers around the province as possible.

BC Family Child Care Association (“BCFCCA”) has been granted permission to use some of the bursary funds allocated to family child care to conduct workshops and offer training opportunities to child care providers throughout the Province.  In an effort to support our mandate to promote family child care around British Columbia we are asking BCFCCA member groups and other interested non-profit groups and organizations to submit proposals to the Board of BCFCCA to conduct workshops for the upcoming year.

BCFCCA’s main goal in requesting proposals from partnering organizations and non-profit organization is to offer training and workshops to those working in the field of child care.

We realize that in some communities, there is a very small population of child care providers and we are willing to work with the partnering organizations to enable the workshop to take place to serve that community.  This means that the workshop could be offered to child care providers, parents and community partners who support the child care profession.

With this in mind, we would ask that all potential partners submit a request for funds for workshops or training sessions in their community and allow the BCFCCA board of directors use their discretion and good judgment to review the proposal within the realms of the criteria.

Download and view the Partnership Proposal Request & Criteria here